The Focus Fidget is a multi-functional, multi-sensory fidget that can be used by anyone!

  • Use it as a foot rest.
  • Roll/push it with your feet to help maintain an alert, focused state and for exercise.
  • The textured roller can provide a relaxing massage to the feet or upper legs.
  • The balls can be used as a fidget for the hand(s) and/or provide deep pressure to the hands or feet.
  • Store The Focus Fidget on the roller holler when not in active use.
  • Use The Focus Fidget unattached anywhere! Pull on the bungee cords for exercise, apply deep pressure to the body, and massage the back/body for relaxation.
  • The Focus Fidget and Roller Holder are affordable, light-weight, portable, and easy to clean!

The Focus Fidget and Roller Holder are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. Customize yours today!

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Beth, Exceptional Child Teacher

“I began using the Focus Fidget with 2 children in my classes at the beginning of our school year. It helps to meet their sensory needs and allows them to quietly fidget while working on tasks in my class. I see approximately a 30 - 40% increase in their focus on the task while using the Focus Fidget. It works well and is easy to store out of the way with the storage hammock. I'm very pleased with the results we get with the Focus Fidget.”

Dawn, Parent

“I purchased The Focus Fidget for my 12 year old son with autism to use at his desk at home. It has been wonderful! He is able to sit, concentrate, and stay on task while reading and/or studying for school! He likes to roll his feet across it as well as rolling it in his lap. He is able to retain what he reads much more efficiently when he uses The Focus Fidget. I also like that it is made from strong durable materials and it stores easily when not in use on the storage hammock.”

Amanda, Pediatrician

“I obtained a focus fidget for my older son who has ADHD and fidgets constantly during homework. He enjoys using it and seems to sit for longer periods of time with it. However, my younger son who does not have ADHD, but who has a serious case of the "wiggles" during homework refuses to do any homework without it. We are very happy with the product. We also love the cute designs. The Focus Fidget will work for children and adults both with and without a formal diagnosis of ADHD!”

Caroline, Speech Language Pathologist, Clinical Director of the Western Kentucky University Communications Disorders Clinic

"I served as a Clinical Supervisor for a pediatric language group during the summer 2016 semester at Western Kentucky University's Communication Disorders Clinic. A child participating in the group had consistent repetitive movements, and the child demonstrated difficulty concentrating and learning. The Focus Fidget was introduced the 3rd session of the summer 2016 semester. The graduate level clinicians assigned to the group immediately documented an increase in the child's focus, attention, and active listening when provided the Focus Fidget. The child independently requested the Focus Fidget the remaining summer sessions, and it became an excellent self-regulation tool. The child accomplished each summer goal/objective, and I believe the Focus Fidget played a key part in helping the child be available for learning."