Special Report: Focus Fidget

Posted by Lauren Hanson on 11/9/2017 to Special Needs Blog

BOWLING GREEN, Ky, (WBKO) - Ten year-old Jack Sternberg loves to learn and to write stories, but he was having trouble paying attention in class as his mom Dr. Liz Sternberg explains:

"Jack was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, but it hasn't really limited what he's been able to do; he has an incredible imagination and we are so proud of him."

His imagination came into play when Jack and his mom were trying to decide what to make for his third grade invention fair when he was asked to find a solution to a problem or to make something work better. They came up with the Focus Fidget.

"It was a big hit, the kids were everywhere, he was surrounded, everyone wanted to try out his focus fidget," said Barbi Hamilton, a teacher at McNeill Elementary.

The Focus Fidget is a textured roller with an elastic band which can be used to fidget with your feet; it can also be moved to your lap if your hands need to move.

"I invented the Focus Fidget because I have a hard time concentrating in class when someone's giving a speech in class and I just fiddle with things in my desk all the time, so I invented something that will help me with that and other kids too," explained Jack.

"He's a wiggler. Obviously he has ADHD and he has a hard time sitting still for long periods of time; he likes to stand, he likes to wiggle, he likes to put his feet up on his chair, he likes to stand up and kick and that's not really something he can do in the classroom environment without disturbing the other kids," said Dr. Sternberg.

"I use it when I'm doing work a lot and when the teacher's giving a long instruction," explained Jack.

"It's thought of part of their brain in kids with ADHD are under aroused or just not awake all the time and so that movement constantly keeps them in an alert status so they can learn and improve their working memory."

Jack is learning life and business skills by promoting his invention at vendor fairs. The Focus Fidget has been sold in 36 states and nine different countries, with schools being their biggest customer as Jack tells us:

"It feels like I'm a huge role model on a bunch of kids around the district."

Teens and adults can use the Focus Fidget as well.

Liz and Jack have also added accessories, like the roller holder which holds the Focus Fidget under your desk so people don't trip over it.

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